2017 Edublogs Club #1. Blogging Reboot 3.0

I guess you could say I’ve had a stop/start relationship with blogging, both personally, and with my students. I went hard for the first couple of years, including quadblogging, and using edublogs with my class. I had best intentions of blogging again last year, but other school priorities meant that I didn’t get around to it until the last term with my class, but I’m glad I did in the end.

So this year, I’ll use edublogs for my personal/professional reflectiveblogging and may use Kidblog again for my class – as it was easier for quadblogging with other classes that were using the same platform.

I think I first started classroom blogging four years ago, with a class of enthusiastic tech-savvy Year 5s who had 1:1 iPads, and we used the edublogs platform. We also did quadblogging and mystery skipping a lot that year and took part in some global projects. I think I did more of the same in the following year, but lost a little impetus/enthusiasam in the subsequent year, and only really got going again at the end of last year with my class. I’m hoping to start the 2017 with a better plan to incorporate blogging in my own reflective practice, and to use student blogs to give them a wider writing audience and connect my new class globally again.

I don’t follow a lot of other blogs, as I feel so time-pressured to keep up with all demands of my job and competing family life. I don’t have a lot of time for personal reading apart from the sports pages of the weekend newspaper and weekly crossword if I have time to sit down with my partner ( a tradition we do jointly over coffee).

Not sure what my goals are for Edublogs Club, I guess some inspiration to re-boot and keep growing my blogging practice with students and for myself. Easy while I’m on holidays, much harder in term time!

Will also need to spend some time tidying up this site to suit my 2017 purpose… 🙂

Come back soon…


6 thoughts on “2017 Edublogs Club #1. Blogging Reboot 3.0

  1. Hi Clayton

    Welcome to the Edublogs Club!

    I’m glad you’ve mentioned your goals. Several of the posts have mentioned their goals for the club and I’m still reflecting on what my goals will be — so good to know that I’m not the only one!

    Do you set up your own quad for quadblogging or do you sign up for a quad? Have you participated in the Student blogging challenge – http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/


      • Hi Clayton

        Did you sign up for a quad last year? We had indications that educators weren’t receiving follow up when they signed up for it in early 2016 using the website which is why we change our information about quadblogging. It may have changed this year as it looks like it has switch again.


  2. Hi Clayton,
    I hope you and your Fantastic Fives get back into the swing of blogging this year.

    In March, I will be starting the next student blogging challenge if you and your students want to join in and make connections with other students around the world.

    • Thanks Sue,

      My Fantastic Fives will be Sensational Sixes – so that’s the first change I need to make on my blog! I look forward to my 2017 class taking part in the student blogging challenge… anything that get’s them writing/blogging more and I’m in!

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